Are you in Rented Accommodation?

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Join us in demanding a safe and settled future for renters

New Forest is focussing on this, but also wants to gain an understanding of what it’s like for all renters, private and Council/Housing Association. We are carrying out a survey for the next two months for all renters.

Rent in the New Forest? We want to improve your rights? Chance to win £50 in vouchers! Complete our survey by calling in at any of our offices or online.

We are campaigning for better protection for renters. We believe that:

1. No renter should ever have to pay excessive and inexplicable fees for the basic services a letting agent provides.

We want to see an end to extortionate fees levied on renters by letting agents.

2. No renter should be at the mercy of rogue landlords who consistently break the rules, taking deposits unlawfully, harassing tenants or renting substandard homes.

We want to see all local authorities in England set up a register of landlords that tackles the specific problems in their area.

3. No renter should ever be left out of pocket after renting a home which proves to be dangerous or uninhabitable.

We want tenants to be entitled to rent refunds where the property they’re living in is dangerous or not fit to live in.

4. No renter should be evicted simply for complaining about bad conditions.

We want to see an end to retaliatory evictions.

5. No renter should ever lose their home at a moment’s notice.

We want all tenants to get reasonable notice before having to move out, even when caught up in a landlord’s eviction.