Pay Day Loans: Know Your Rights

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Pay Day Loans – Don’t let short term debt lead to long term problems

Pay day loans offer small amounts of money over a short term, pay day loans have very high interest rates and are not suitable for long term debt problems. If you do take out a pay day loan be sure to know your rights.

Need help with your pay day loan?

Come and talk to us at the New Forest Citizens Advice Bureau

Think you may have a complaint about a pay day loan?

If you have taken out a pay day loan you can try our simple tool to check whether you have grounds for complaint. If it looks like you do, you can add your name and contact details and the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) will call you back to take you through the process.

Considering a pay day loan?

If you have short term money worries there may be more suitable alternatives than a pay day loan for example you could look out for local credit unions which may be more affordable than pay day loans or if you are on a low income and have an emergency you may be able to use the Social Fund.

If you are struggling with your money and need help creating a budget or sorting our your debts you can try our online help or you can talk to us.

Want more information on pay day loans?

If you want to find out more about pay day loans and more about your rights information can be found on Adviceguide.

Spread the word

Since Citizens Advice launched this film about pay day loans in August it has reached over 60,000 people on Twitter via our #paydaywatch hashtag and thousands of people have watched the film.

Please keep sharing the film and encouraging people you know to check if they have grounds for complaint.