How to Deal with Doorstep Traders

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Saying no to doorstep traders

When doorstep traders come knocking at your door to sell you something it can be hard to send them away. We may feel we are being rude or the doorstep traders seem very friendly and helpful when in fact they are just doing their job, trying to sell you a product or a service.

It’s your right to say no or tell a doorstep trader you’d prefer to think about the product or service they are selling. You are under no obligation to allow doorstep traders into your home and have every right to refuse entrance. The video from Citizens Advice below has a helpful example of how to deal with doorstep traders.

If you want to prevent doorstep traders knocking your door, you can have a ‘No Cold Calling’ sticker put near or on your front door. If a doorstep trader ignores this, it could be a criminal offence under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading regulations 2008. If a doorstep trader keeps ignoring your sticker you can report them to Trading Standards.

If cold calling by doorstep traders is a problem in your area you can consider setting up up a No Cold Calling Zone in your area. There are some forms to fill in and you can contact Trading Standards for a No Cold Calling Zone Consultation Pack. More information on how to set up a No Cold Calling Zone can be found on the Hampshre County Council website.

If you’re a business buyer and you buy something in your own home or on your own business premises you don’t have the same cancellation rights as you would do if you were an ordinary consumer. Check your contract to see if it gives you any cancellation rights.

If you want to find out more about doorstep traders, how to cancel and more about your rights information can be found on Adviceguide.