5 big asks for the next government from Citizens Advice

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Citizens Advice manifesto for the UK general election on 8 June

The snap general election is an opportunity for all political parties to promise to solve some of the most common problems people face. Based on the evidence we gather, this is where they should start.

Our 5 big asks for the next government

1. Improve the benefits system so it works for the people who need it.

One third of all the issues with which we help people relate to benefits. Improving medical assessments for disability benefits and Universal Credit would make sure people aren’t left without the money they need to make ends meet.

2. Make people’s jobs more secure.

In the last year Citizens Advice across the country helped people with 350,000 employment issues. Many of these people are being denied their basic rights at work, like holiday pay, sick pay and parental leave. A stronger enforcement body is needed to confront employers that break the rules.

3. Help people take control of their finances.

Citizens Advice helped people with 1.5 million debt issues last year. Prices are rising faster than wages, putting pressure on household budgets. A cap on interest for all high cost credit would make sure people never have to pay back more than twice what they borrow.

4. Help people get a better deal in consumer markets.

Our consumer helpline tackled over half a million problems for people last year. Too often companies exploit people’s loyalty — and vulnerable people end up paying the most. Protecting people on expensive standard tariffs in energy and telecoms would put money back in the pockets of hard-pressed households.

5. Invest in advice to support people through change and uncertainty.

The world is changing quickly. Whether it’s what Brexit means for your family or how to apply for Universal Credit, people need independent support and advice. Fines levied against companies such as banks, energy and telecoms could be used to help meet the need for investment in advice.

Read more of our ideas in our manifesto for the next government.